In the world of professional and personal leadership development and coaching, I am highly praised and recommended by my clients once they get a taste of my bespoke services!

I am a serious but fun, thought-provoking sparring partner available for all kinds of high-flying artists, athletes and creatives, executives and the C-suite, high-achievers and peak performers, visionary entrepreneurs and intrinsically motivated individuals in English-speaking countries globally.

I’m a natural person with a very diverse academic, educational, personal, and professional background that I will not overshare here by over-displaying accolades, certificates, degrees, diplomas, and titles.

However, this is a part of getting to know each other when we agree on working together!

Having served as an officer in the armed forces, worked in corporate international and intercultural environments, and held different executive positions, as well as having entrepreneurial experience and operating my successful business for nine years, I have an accurate 360-degree understanding of all current business challenges.

From management, operations, business development, sales and scaling, contract negotiation and closing, training, motivating and leading teams, companies and organisations and beyond.

Having faced and overcome significant health and relationship challenges, I also know that professional success is meaningless if it’s not accompanied by happiness and freedom!

That way, I have a real-life approach to all personal matters of an abundant lifestyle and life itself!

Furthermore, having studied, worked, and lived in different countries and serving, guiding and supporting my clients globally these days, I not only have first-hand political and economic insight into different countries and systems with their unique challenges but also execute cross-cultural relationships daily.

Last but not least, my 43-year ongoing training in traditional Japanese martial arts with medical and spiritual aspects shows my commitment, resilience, dedication and persistence and gives me that little extra touch of Zen in my unique approach to serving and guiding my clients.

So please take advantage of decades of accumulated, gained and constantly updated personal and professional knowledge, experience, and expertise, and let's go big to achieve your new possible!